Thursday, October 14, 2010

A season of hope

So I meet a lady today - a new lady - I had a new experience, I went to "counseling".  Now this is something that I think that every American does - goes to see a 'shrink'...I didn't feel like she was a shrink, rather more just a really nice lady to talk to.  Its something that I have always thought would be a good thing to do - as often, ones friends get sick of hearing about the same thing!  So off I went...feeling slightly nervous.
It turned out to be quite fine actually - I didn't cry - happy about that. I felt like I was droning on and thought my voice sounded quite mono-tone...I don't normally talk that much, I prefer to listen.
But she left me with some wonderful words..."This is a season of hope and an extremely exciting time of your life".  I needed to hear that - I needed reassurance that life wasn't that hard and that there are blessings in so many things, even if we can't see them.
So, re booked for next week.  Will see what comes out then!

My question to you, is, what is your picture or image of hope?
These are mine...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chlorine - are you good for me?

As part of our fitness, eat right plight, I have joined the local swimming pool.  I was once a very strong swimmer, synchronized swimmer and water polo player - now, I am slightly rounded and unable to sink.
So off to pools I went - I have missed it over the years, and have always enjoyed the feeling of my body in the water.  I have been surprised at how many lengths I do and I must say, I do pop out the odd synchro move just for fun (I am a judge for the Bay and I help coach, so I need to remember just how hard it is!!).
But - my skin is suffering.  I get out of the pool and feel very tight all over.  I think my nose is even peeling - it concerns me how much chlorine they stick in the pools.  
So - is there anything good in chlorine???  
Chlorine is typical of a number of nutrients, harmful in some forms and doses but essential for life in others.  We get our dietary needs from common salt, so providing our salt intake is correct, then our chlorine intake should be adequate.
The role of chlorine in our body is:
Assists in the digestion of food
Helps maintain health of our lymph system
Helps maintain correct acidity of our blood
Helps maintain correct action of the liver

The role for my skin..?  NOTHING! Its' fine internally but not externally.  No matter how much I soak my skin or cover it in lotion - the smell is still there lingering...drying me out.  I refuse to use soap or anything with SLS in it, so it's left resting on my skin all day.  But, the swimming - at this stage - is worth it (swimmers bodies are quite lovely) and i will continue to soak my face and lather my body in O'la Tropical Organics on my way to a fitter, tighter me!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Oats...Horse food!?

Oats - common horse food or 'fodder' but it is one of my favorite foods and something that I eat everyday without fail.  There is something about hot porridge in the Winter and bircher in the Summer.  
Now, horse food or not, oats are FULL of goodness and nutrients!  Something our Grandmothers may not have told us, but we were made to eat them anyway.
Oats are rich in Thiamine (B1), Iron and dietary fiber. Fiber is useful in dropping cholesterol levels in the bloodstream.  Whole oats are also the only source of an anti-oxidant compounds called avenathramides which help to protect the circulatory system.  They also help to control blood sugar levels and may even help to stimulate the immune system to fight off bacterial infections.

So - old fashioned, or not - this little beauty of a food source is one for everyone of every age, shape and size!  
We recommend soaking your oats anything from 10 mins to overnight - this helps to release the goodness out of the oats, and makes it easier for the stomach to break down.  Don't add sugar folks - if anything at all, add honey.  
I often have mine with a couple pieces of seasonal fruit and of course a 1TBS of Bestow Beauty oil ( - YUMMY!  It fills me, gives me energy and keeps me going throughout the morning.
Going back to toast or muesli now for breakfast, is something that I cannot see happening!!

Eat oats and enjoy!