Thursday, October 14, 2010

A season of hope

So I meet a lady today - a new lady - I had a new experience, I went to "counseling".  Now this is something that I think that every American does - goes to see a 'shrink'...I didn't feel like she was a shrink, rather more just a really nice lady to talk to.  Its something that I have always thought would be a good thing to do - as often, ones friends get sick of hearing about the same thing!  So off I went...feeling slightly nervous.
It turned out to be quite fine actually - I didn't cry - happy about that. I felt like I was droning on and thought my voice sounded quite mono-tone...I don't normally talk that much, I prefer to listen.
But she left me with some wonderful words..."This is a season of hope and an extremely exciting time of your life".  I needed to hear that - I needed reassurance that life wasn't that hard and that there are blessings in so many things, even if we can't see them.
So, re booked for next week.  Will see what comes out then!

My question to you, is, what is your picture or image of hope?
These are mine...

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  1. wow i only just read this post {i missed it}.....i think this is so cool and i hope the next session was great too.....i loved your pictures as well my favourite quote is "faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" big smooch sar xx