Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We are what we eat....

Confession...I just ate something, that I never eat.  It was mighty tasty at the time and enjoyable with a friend, but half an hour later, I am paying the price for my lusty taste buds!
I all of sudden feel exhausted - lethargic and tired.  I want to crawl into my bed and go to sleep for the afternoon.  I never feel like this when I partake in my normal healthy lunch of salad and tuna or brown rice salad.  I can say without a doubt, that I always feel uplifted, light and energetic after a good, low bad fat, non saturated or trans fat meal.

But not today....

Today I have reminded myself why I don't eat high fat foods, take aways, cheese or bread!
I wonder how my stomach will re-remind me tomorrow morning...I know for sure it will tell me off VERY well!

Its a funny thing food - it seems to entice us with what we think we need or what we think we want to taste - and then it stabs us in the back (or stomach!) and lets us know that we need to make wise choices and not let the lust of food win all the time!! 

So tonight I will make my penance for my body and will chose to eat something that will delight my stomach and leave me feeling much happier on the inside.  And, I will leave the pizza eating to those who are much more brave than I...

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  1. it is amazing how food makes us feel......i do love a good pizza, you could try my homemade pizza, i use wholemeal pita bread with basil pesto, onion, with fresh cherry tomatoes and rocket on top......yum