Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Janesce Sun Care Lotion

Today we wanted to share with you about the most amazing moisturiser for the face - by Janesce.
Janesce is an Australian based product, made by a Naturopath/Beauty Therapist (Janinie Smith) who grows all the herbs used in the products on her farm.  We believe in the quality, the results and the ethics that are behind the product and I personally have never seen such results with skin, as I have with Janesce.

So today's product is called SUNCARE LOTION.  This amazing moisturiser is used once a day - preferably in the morning and with regular application over a period of time, builds up the skins own natural resistance to UVA and UVB rays.  Suncare lotion has flower extracts and nut butter which boost the skin's natural responses to protect if from the damaging effects of the sun.  This blend is rich in anti-oxidants, which counteract free radicals caused by sun damage.

Suncare lotion is very healing for sensitive skins or skins that suffer from eczema and is so safe, it can be used on babies.

This lotion is one for the whole family, especially as we head into warmer, sunnier weather.  Over time, your skin will show less sensitivity to the sun and the effect will slow down premature ageing.

I have personally used this product and my husband, who is a Landscaper, just loves it. It is non-greasy and absorbed very quickly into the skin, therefore making it a wonderful base for makeup. 

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