Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just a thought or two

Having being away for a week, in the wonderful capital of New Zealand - Wellington - I have come home missing my family who live there but also feeling like I ate my way thru most of the city...and, admittedly, had a 'few' wines as well.  
Lets face it - now I am back at square one in the attempt of a better me.
But back into it today - brown rice and tuna for lunch, and my carrot for afternoon tea.  Boring you might say?  Maybe, but I love eating food like this.  There is something wonderful about raw, unprocessed food that i enjoy.  I know that's so good for me and my body loves the nutrients that comes with 'raw'.  For those of you who are interested - I challenge you to watch a documentary, called FOOD MATTERS.  It is fantastic and has changed the way I think about food and life.  They also have a wonderful website (www.foodmatters.tv)which I highly recommend you take a look around - we have learnt so much from their posts and updates.

So - onwards and upwards.  We can't get down and sad about our food mistakes and days where we haven't exercised.  We must pick up our feet and push on thru the hard days!  We will succeed!

Tomorrow I walk
I will walk hard
I will walk up
And I will enjoy it!

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