Sunday, September 12, 2010

O'la Tropical Organics

Ah - the Islands of Hawai' favourite.  Having spent 6 months living on the big Island of Hawaii - i have never forgotten its smell, its beauty, its amazing way of making you feel beautiful.  I have never been to Paris, but I have to say, I believe that Hawai'i is one of the most romantic places in the world.

Having this love for the islands, I wanted to bring some of the passion and fragrance here to Refresh Beauty Therapy - so, we found O'la Tropical Organics - made on the big island from all natural ingredients.  Here is why we like them:
* They use only ingredients that can be found in Hawai'i. 
* They make our own hydrosols ("soul" of the plant) infusing locally grown and wild crafted botanicals in an ancient copper distilling processes. 
* They buy from and support our local farmers using all natural and organic ingredients whenever possible. 
* They value the ancient wisdom passed down by our elders and we handcraft everything with reverence and respect. All the botanicals, fruit, sea elements and oils they use for a reason and because they have a connection that is valued by the Hawaiian elders. Hawai'i gives the products a resonance and a vibration that are palpable and makes our body products feel alive and fresh. 

Sounds interesting?
We stock Vanilla Ginger, Passionfruit Citrus and Coconut Lemongrass.  For summer, we will be stock Paradise Plumeria and Mango Grove - FUN!!  Come in and see us and experience the fragrance of the islands.

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